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Faglige artikler dækker emner, såsom ”Hvordan den peristomale kropsfacon påvirker livskvaliteten” og ”Diskuterer seksualitet med dine patienter”. Nye emner er ofte inspireret af forelæserne ved Coloplasts events, fx Ostomy Days. Herunder finder du et udvalg af artikler.

Hvordan den peristomale kropsfacon påvirker livskvaliteten

Coloplast Ostomy Life Study Review 2016 viser, at den peristomale kropsfacon har en direkte indflydelse på livskvaliteten for personer med stomi. Et nyt værktøj gør det muligt at få en bedre forståelse for, hvordan stomiprodukter påvirker hverdagsaktiviteter som indkøb og motion, samt hvilken indflydelse det har på de helbredsrelaterede aspekter af livskvaliteten. 

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Discussing sexuality with patients

This article is based on a presentation by Birgitte Schantz Laursen (RN, PhD), given at the Coloplast Ostomy Days 2018.

Birgitte is a Senior Researcher at Aalborg University Hos-pital, Denmark. A specialist in sexology, Birgitte’s re-search focuses on the impact of cancer and chronic dis-eases on the patient’s sexuality.

During the past 10 years, she has worked closely with nurses and other healthcare professionals to help them become more confident in addressing sexuality and inti-macy issues with their patients.

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An unfamiliar body in an unfamiliar land - from "stomaland" to a new homeland

This article is based on a presentation given by Jessica Swinbourne, PhD (Australia) and Rune Nørager, PhD (Denmark) at the Coloplast Ostomy Days  2018. 

Jessica is a clinical psychologist, currently running her own clinical practice in Sydney, Australia. Her PhD research explored the co-morbidity between eating disorders and anxiety disorders and she has also been involved in research investigating psychological interventions for obesity management. Rune is a behavioural and cognitive psychologist. Combining research and the role as CEO of designpsychology, Rune and his team work to transform scientific findings about human nature into new products and services that can help healthcare specialists and patients alike.  

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Treating parastomal hernias – the surgical perspective

This article is based on a presentation given by Dr. Peter-Martin Krarup, (Denmark) at the Coloplast Ostomy Days 2018.

Working as Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at the Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde, Denmark, Peter-Martin has a strong interest in the impact of surgical complications, including anastomotic leakage and parastomal hernia. He’s an active member of the database steering committee of the Danish Colorectal Cancer Group and a former consultant in the Copenhagen Ostomy Database.  ol

Making the right choice - and making it sooner

How can nurses guide patients to the best available solution for their specific body shapes - as quickly as possible? This is a central question in ostomy care. And the drive to find the optimal solution becomes even more urgent when dealing with people with inward peristomal areas. 

Research from the Ostomy Life Study 20141 shows that many people are struggling with their existing convex solutions. There is evidence of a high degree of worrying about leakage - and also a higher actual leakage experience than other ostomy patients. Data also shows that these concerns greatly impact quality of life for the patients negatively. 


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